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Introducing the Aeroplan Credit Card

Are you a frequent traveler looking to maximize your rewards and enjoy exclusive benefits when you fly? Look no further! Introducing the Aeroplan Credit Card, your passport to a world of travel perks and savings.

Why Choose the Aeroplan Credit Card?

Earn Aeroplan Miles: With every purchase you make using your Aeroplan Credit Card, you’ll earn Aeroplan Miles. These miles can be redeemed for flights, hotel stays, car rentals, and more. The more you spend, the more miles you earn, bringing your dream vacations closer.

Welcome Bonus: As a new cardholder, you can take advantage of a generous welcome bonus, giving your Aeroplan Miles balance an instant boost. Start planning your next getaway right away!

Travel Benefits: Enjoy an array of travel-related perks, such as priority boarding, free checked bags, and access to exclusive airport lounges. Say goodbye to long lines and stress at the airport.

Comprehensive Insurance: Travel with peace of mind knowing you’re covered with travel insurance, including trip cancellation, trip interruption, and emergency medical coverage. Your card has you protected on your journeys.

Flexible Redemption Options: Use your earned Aeroplan Miles to book flights with Air Canada and its partner airlines, or explore other redemption options like merchandise, gift cards, and experiences.

No Foreign Transaction Fees: Whether you’re shopping abroad or booking international flights, you won’t incur any foreign transaction fees with your Aeroplan Credit Card.

Annual Fee: Our Aeroplan Credit Card offers competitive annual fees, making it an excellent choice for both occasional travelers and jet-setters.

How to Apply

Applying for the Aeroplan Credit Card is quick and easy. Simply visit our website or stop by a local branch to fill out an application. You’ll receive a decision in no time, and if approved, your card will be on its way to you.

Terms and Conditions Apply

Please note that certain terms and conditions, including credit approval, may apply when you apply for the Aeroplan Credit Card. Be sure to review the terms and conditions carefully to fully understand the card’s benefits and responsibilities.

Aeroplan Credit Card Features

Let’s take a closer look at the exceptional features and benefits that come with your Aeroplan Credit Card:

1. Aeroplan Miles Accumulation: Every time you use your Aeroplan Credit Card for purchases, you’ll earn Aeroplan Miles. Whether it’s shopping for groceries, dining out, or booking a flight, you’ll see your miles accumulate quickly.

2. Exclusive Partner Network: Aeroplan has partnered with a vast network of airlines, hotels, and car rental companies. This means you have the flexibility to redeem your Aeroplan Miles for travel across the globe, giving you access to an extensive list of destinations and accommodations.

3. Upgrade Your Travel Experience: As a cardholder, you’ll have the opportunity to elevate your travel experience with complimentary benefits like priority check-in, priority boarding, and access to premium airport lounges. Enjoy a seamless and luxurious journey from start to finish.

4. Travel Insurance Coverage: Your Aeroplan Credit Card comes with comprehensive travel insurance coverage, offering protection in case of unexpected events during your trip. This includes trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel medical insurance, and more.

5. Contactless Payments: Stay up to date with the latest payment technology. Your Aeroplan Credit Card is equipped with contactless payment options, making your transactions fast, secure, and convenient.

6. Manage Your Account Online: Keep track of your spending, view your Aeroplan Miles balance, and pay your bills online through our user-friendly online banking platform. Managing your finances has never been easier.

7. Customer Support: Our dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about your Aeroplan Credit Card. We’re here to provide you with top-notch service whenever you need it.

8. No Blackout Dates: When you’re ready to redeem your Aeroplan Miles for flights, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of no blackout dates. That means you can choose the travel dates that work best for you, even during peak seasons.

9. Secure Transactions: Your Aeroplan Credit Card is equipped with advanced security features to protect your purchases and personal information. Shop with confidence knowing your financial security is our top priority.

10. Automatic Aeroplan Elite Status: As a cardholder, you’ll enjoy automatic Aeroplan Elite Status, giving you additional privileges such as bonus miles, upgrades, and exclusive offers. It’s our way of rewarding your loyalty.

In summary, the Aeroplan Credit Card is not just a card; it’s your ticket to a world of incredible benefits, travel opportunities, and peace of mind. Whether you’re a business traveler, a family vacationer, or an adventurer exploring new horizons, this card is designed to enhance your journey at every step. Apply today and experience the world of rewards and convenience that the Aeroplan Credit Card has to offer.

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How to Maximize Your Aeroplan® Credit Card

Now that you have your Aeroplan Credit Card, here are some tips on how to make the most of its benefits and rewards:

1. Regular Usage: Use your Aeroplan Credit Card for everyday purchases like groceries, gas, dining, and shopping. The more you use it, the more Aeroplan Miles you’ll accumulate, bringing you closer to your travel goals.

2. Take Advantage of Welcome Bonuses: As a new cardholder, be sure to meet the spending requirements to earn your welcome bonus. This initial boost of Aeroplan Miles can kickstart your journey towards your dream vacation.

3. Plan Your Travel: Start planning your trips in advance. Check the Aeroplan program’s website for flight availability, and make reservations early to secure your preferred travel dates and destinations.

4. Consider Transfer Partners: Explore the various transfer partners affiliated with Aeroplan, including hotels and car rental companies. You can often convert your Aeroplan Miles into partner loyalty program points, expanding your options for travel and accommodations.

5. Keep an Eye on Promotions: Aeroplan frequently offers promotions and bonuses, such as discounted award flights or bonus miles for specific routes. Stay updated on these offers to maximize your rewards.

6. Pay Your Balance in Full: To avoid interest charges, strive to pay your monthly credit card balance in full and on time. This way, you’ll fully enjoy the benefits of your Aeroplan Credit Card without incurring unnecessary fees.

7. Use Your Elite Status: Take advantage of the automatic Aeroplan Elite Status that comes with your card. Enjoy priority treatment, bonus miles, and other perks when flying with Air Canada and its partners.

8. Refer Friends and Family: Many credit cards offer referral bonuses when you recommend the card to others. If your Aeroplan Credit Card has a referral program, share it with friends and family to earn additional miles.

9. Keep an Eye on Your Account: Regularly review your credit card statements and your Aeroplan Miles balance. This ensures that your miles are accumulating correctly and that there are no unauthorized transactions on your account.

10. Redeem Wisely: When it’s time to redeem your Aeroplan Miles, consider your travel priorities. Whether it’s a bucket-list vacation, a business trip, or visiting loved ones, choose the redemption option that aligns with your goals.

11. Travel Responsibly: As you explore the world with your Aeroplan Credit Card, remember to be a responsible traveler. Respect local cultures, protect the environment, and follow safety guidelines to make your journeys meaningful and sustainable.

By following these tips and making the most of your Aeroplan Credit Card, you can unlock incredible travel experiences and enjoy the full range of benefits that come with it. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Aeroplan® Credit Card

What is the Aeroplan Credit Card?

The Aeroplan Credit Card is a rewards credit card designed to help you earn Aeroplan Miles with your everyday spending. These miles can be redeemed for flights, hotels, car rentals, and more within the Aeroplan program.

How do I earn Aeroplan Miles with my credit card?

You can earn Aeroplan Miles by using your Aeroplan Credit Card for eligible purchases. Typically, you’ll earn a certain number of miles per dollar spent, and some cards may offer bonus miles for specific spending categories.

What is the welcome bonus, and how can I earn it?

The welcome bonus is a one-time offer for new cardholders. To earn it, you usually need to meet a minimum spending requirement within a specified time frame after opening your account. Details of the welcome bonus can vary between different Aeroplan Credit Cards.

Can I use my Aeroplan Miles for something other than flights?

Yes, you can. Aeroplan Miles can often be redeemed for a variety of rewards, including hotel stays, car rentals, merchandise, gift cards, and experiences. The Aeroplan program offers flexibility in how you use your miles.

Is there an annual fee for the Aeroplan Credit Card?

Most credit cards have an annual fee, but the specific amount can vary depending on the card type and issuer. Some cards may waive the annual fee for the first year as part of a promotional offer.

Are there foreign transaction fees with the Aeroplan Credit Card?

Many Aeroplan Credit Cards do not charge foreign transaction fees. This can be a significant benefit for international travelers, as you won’t incur additional charges when making purchases abroad.

What kind of travel insurance is included with the card?

The type and extent of travel insurance coverage can vary among Aeroplan Credit Cards. Common types of travel insurance may include trip cancellation and interruption insurance, travel medical insurance, and rental car insurance. Be sure to review the card’s terms and conditions for details.

How do I check my Aeroplan Miles balance?

You can typically check your Aeroplan Miles balance by logging into your online account on the Aeroplan program’s website or mobile app. This information is also often available on your credit card statement.

Can I share or transfer my Aeroplan Miles to others?

Aeroplan Miles can often be shared or transferred to other Aeroplan members, but there may be restrictions and fees associated with this. Check the Aeroplan program’s rules and guidelines for transferring miles.

What should I do if my credit card is lost or stolen?

If your Aeroplan Credit Card is lost or stolen, contact your card issuer immediately to report it. They will assist you in securing your account and issuing a replacement card if necessary.

How can I apply for the Aeroplan Credit Card?

You can apply for the Aeroplan Credit Card by visiting the card issuer’s website or a local branch. The application process typically involves providing personal and financial information for credit approval.

Is the Aeroplan Credit Card affiliated with Air Canada?

Yes, Aeroplan is the loyalty program of Air Canada, and many Aeroplan Credit Cards offer benefits such as priority boarding and complimentary checked bags when flying with Air Canada and its partner airlines.

Remember that specific terms, benefits, and conditions can vary depending on the specific Aeroplan Credit Card you choose, so it’s essential to read the cardholder agreement and terms and conditions provided by the card issuer before applying.


In Conclusion, the Aeroplan® Credit Card is your gateway to a world of travel rewards, benefits, and unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or an occasional traveler, this card is designed to enhance your journey, allowing you to earn Aeroplan Miles with every purchase and enjoy exclusive perks along the way.

With features like a welcome bonus, flexible redemption options, travel insurance coverage, and the convenience of contactless payments, the Aeroplan Credit Card offers a wealth of advantages for cardholders. Plus, the ability to earn miles with everyday spending means you’re constantly making progress toward your travel goals.

As you embark on your adventures with your Aeroplan Credit Card, remember to explore the many facets of the Aeroplan program, including its extensive partner network and promotions that can help you maximize your rewards.

We hope these frequently asked questions have provided clarity and guidance as you navigate your Aeroplan Credit Card journey. Whether you’re planning a dream vacation, a business trip, or simply looking to make the most of your everyday spending, the Aeroplan Credit Card is here to make your travels more rewarding and enjoyable. Safe travels and happy exploring with your Aeroplan Credit Card!

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