Brief Summary of Delta’s New SkyMiles Program and What It Means To Customers


Explore Delta’s New SkyMiles Program, article packed with brief summary and Its Impact on customers.

SkyMiles customers will no longer be able to earn loyalty status based on the amount of miles flown starting in 2024. Instead, users’ status will be determined by the amount of money they spend. The airline also raised the amount that passengers must spend to obtain Medallion status, which only added fuel to the fire. Customers who are dissatisfied claim the modifications make it more challenging and more expensive for passengers to benefit from elite status, such as free seat upgrades or discounted baggage fees. And they haven’t been reluctant to express their dissatisfaction on social media.

Beginning in 2024 for 2025 flights, Delta Air Lines SkyMiles customers will earn status in a new way, with the essential lesson being that it’s all about more spending, that means you can only earn MQDs by spending more on Delta channels than just flights. 

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According to Delta Airline Inc., starting from January 1, Medallion Qualifying Dollars (MQDs) will be the only metric that counts when it comes to achieving elite frequent flyer status with Delta. Dwight James, Delta’s senior vice president of customer engagement and loyalty, stated in a statement that the adjustments were made to streamline the program;

“We looked at a lot of different metrics and one thing we included was MQD was already part of our construct and it seemed to resonate the most and the best with a lot of our members,” he said. “We did want to come to one metric. Customers indicated that this resonated well with them.”

So what will it take to earn status for 2025? Here’s the breakdown by status tier: 

◾ Silver Medallion – $6,000 MQDs

◾ Gold Medallion – $12,000 MQDs

◾ Platinum Medallion – $18,000 MQDs

◾Diamond Medallion – $35,000 MQDs

As seen above, the Silver medallion status will cost $6,000 MQDs under the new system, $12,000 for gold, $18,000 for platinum, and $35,000 for diamond. While it roughly doubles the current program’s status criteria, customers will be able to earn MQDs on a higher range of transactions, including some rental cars, hotels, and vacations booked through the carrier channels. However, MQDs will still be earned at a rate of one for every $1 of spending on flights operated by Delta and its partners, but they’ll also be earned at the same rate for other things booked directly through Delta, including car rentals, hotel stays and vacation packages.

Why Delta’s big changes for 2024 and beyond?

The program has seen a number of improvements in the previous 12 months, including the addition of free onboard Wi-Fi for members. Delta’s decision to transition to a single measure is an attempt to promote increased usage of the Delta-American Express and other credit cards. It will also encourage members to book hotels, rental cars, and other travel-related expenses through Delta channels. The aim, according to Dwight James, senior vice president of customer engagement and loyalty at Delta is to maintain “the premium experience for our premium customers” while doing all of this.


In conclusion, the adjustments will not impact current members’ medallion status in 2024; the changes will affect status in 2025. Beginning in January, miles toward million miler status will be computed using lifetime flight miles rather than medallion qualifying miles. Depending on the co-branded credit card used, members can earn $1 MQD for every $10 or $20 they spend on purchases. Car rentals and hotel stays booked through Delta will also have a one-to-one rate.

In addition to the SkyMiles overhaul, Delta is also placing limits on the number of times some members are allowed to access the airline’s Sky Clubs. And if you have a basic economy ticket, you won’t be allowed to access the clubs at all, unless you have a qualifying American Express card. For more information, kindly see our previous articled ‘‘A Look at Delta’s Big Changes for 2024 and Beyond – Everything you need to know’. Share this article if you find it helpful and don’t forget to bookmark Airlinetraveler for more updates.

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