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Brooklyn, a borough of New York City, is a culinary treasure trove offering a diverse range of dining experiences. While dining out can sometimes strain your budget, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the borough’s vibrant food scene without breaking the bank. In this guide, we’ll explore how to find deals on restaurants in Brooklyn, allowing you to savor the local cuisine, from classic pizza joints to trendy bistros, while keeping your wallet happy. Let’s embark on a journey to discover wallet-friendly dining options that will enable you to indulge in Brooklyn’s culinary delights without the hefty price tag.

Here’s how to find deals on restaurants in Brooklyn 

Utilize Restaurant Apps: Many restaurants in Brooklyn partner with food delivery apps like UberEats, Grubhub, and DoorDash. These apps often offer exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions for both delivery and dine-in orders. Downloading these apps can lead to significant savings on your restaurant visits.

Check Daily Deal Websites: Websites like Airlinetraveler, Groupon and LivingSocial frequently feature restaurant deals and discounts for Brooklyn establishments. You can find everything from prix-fixe dinners to discounted gift certificates, allowing you to dine out for less.

Join Loyalty Programs: Many restaurants in Brooklyn offer loyalty programs that reward frequent diners with discounts, free meals, or special offers. Sign up for these programs, and you’ll often receive exclusive deals sent directly to your inbox.

Follow Social Media: Keep an eye on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for restaurant pages and local food influencers. Restaurants often post exclusive promotions and discounts for their followers, helping you score some great deals.

Visit During Happy Hour: Numerous restaurants and bars in Brooklyn offer happy hour specials, where you can enjoy discounted drinks and appetizers. It’s an excellent way to experience the local nightlife while saving money.

Subscribe to Newsletters: Many Brooklyn restaurants have newsletters that share updates, special offers, and discounts with subscribers. By subscribing to their newsletters, you’ll stay in the loop about upcoming deals.

Use Restaurant Week: Brooklyn, like Manhattan, hosts its own Restaurant Week, featuring special prix-fixe menus at participating restaurants. It’s a fantastic opportunity to dine at upscale establishments at a fraction of the regular cost.

Look for Student and Senior Discounts: If you’re a student or a senior, don’t forget to inquire about discounts when dining out. Some restaurants offer special pricing for these demographics.

Explore Ethnic Neighborhoods: Brooklyn is known for its culturally diverse neighborhoods. Exploring areas like Sunset Park for Chinese or Middle Eastern cuisine or Brighton Beach for Russian food can lead to affordable and authentic dining experiences.

BYOB Restaurants: Some Brooklyn restaurants allow you to bring your own bottle of wine or beer, which can significantly reduce your overall bill. Be sure to check if there’s a corkage fee.

Early Bird Specials: Some restaurants offer early bird specials for diners who arrive before the dinner rush. These specials typically include discounted meals or fixed-price menus.

Local Food Festivals: Keep an eye out for food festivals and events happening in Brooklyn. These events often feature a variety of food vendors, offering affordable and delicious options.

Visit Food Halls: Brooklyn boasts several food halls like DeKalb Market Hall and Time Out Market. These venues host a variety of vendors, each offering unique cuisines. You can sample different dishes and find affordable options in one location.

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Local Publications: Keep an eye on local newspapers, magazines, and websites dedicated to Brooklyn’s dining scene. They often feature restaurant reviews and highlight special deals and promotions.

Book Online Reservations: Some restaurant reservation platforms like OpenTable offer loyalty programs that reward you with points for making reservations. These points can be redeemed for dining discounts.

Weekday Lunch Specials: Many restaurants in Brooklyn offer lunch specials during weekdays. These menus often feature smaller portions at lower prices, making it an ideal way to enjoy a restaurant’s offerings without splurging.

Family-Style Dining: Consider sharing dishes with friends or family when dining out. Many restaurants in Brooklyn offer family-style options where you can enjoy a variety of dishes at a lower cost per person.

Local Restaurant Weeks: Brooklyn hosts its own Restaurant Week, which usually takes place in late winter. During this event, participating restaurants offer fixed-price menus, allowing you to enjoy multi-course meals at reduced prices.

Dine Outdoors: If you’re visiting during the warmer months, take advantage of outdoor seating. Many Brooklyn restaurants have sidewalk or garden seating options, which can provide a more budget-friendly dining experience.

Food Trucks and Street Vendors: Don’t overlook the fantastic food truck and street vendor scene in Brooklyn. You can find delicious and affordable options for everything from tacos to gourmet desserts.

Community Events: Keep an eye out for community events and festivals, where local restaurants often set up booths or offer special deals to attendees.

Group Buying Sites: Websites like GroupOn and LocalFlavor frequently feature discounts on dining experiences in Brooklyn. Check these platforms for deals on restaurant meals.

Ask Locals for Recommendations: When exploring Brooklyn, strike up conversations with locals. They often know the best-kept secrets and hidden gems that offer great food at reasonable prices.

DIY Picnics: Enjoy a budget-friendly meal in one of Brooklyn’s parks or scenic spots by packing your own picnic. You can find fresh ingredients at local markets and delis.

Finding deals on restaurants in Brooklyn is not only about saving money but also about discovering the borough’s rich culinary diversity. With these tips and strategies, you can savor the flavors of Brooklyn while staying within your budget. So, go ahead and explore the borough’s eateries, from classic diners to trendy hotspots, and enjoy a delicious and affordable dining experience.


In conclusion, Brooklyn’s dining scene is a vibrant mosaic of flavors, cultures, and culinary experiences waiting to be explored, even on a budget. With a little savvy and the right strategies, you can savor the borough’s diverse cuisine without overspending. From restaurant apps and daily deal websites to loyalty programs and neighborhood food festivals, Brooklyn offers numerous opportunities to find dining deals that won’t break the bank.

Whether you’re in the mood for classic New York pizza, international fare, or innovative gourmet dishes, there are options to suit every taste and budget. So, take advantage of these tips and embark on a culinary journey through Brooklyn, where you can indulge in delicious meals, support local businesses, and keep your wallet in check. Please share this article if you find it helpful and don’t forget to bookmark AirlineTraveler for more tips like this. Happy dining!

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