Beat Inflation: 10 Money Saving Travel Hacks for 2024



With airfares, hotel rates, and the overall cost of travel rising steeply, it’s more important than ever to have a few savvy tricks up your sleeve. But even in 2024, venturing out into the world doesn’t have to derail your finances. Check out these 10 money saving travel hacks and tips to keep your wanderlust satisfied while protecting your budget in the new year:

  1. Go Someplace Cheap (and Chic)

Bypass overpriced hot spots in favor of affordable under-the-radar destinations. Up-and-coming locales like Tunis, Mérida, and Ho Chi Minh City boast budget hotels, cheap eats, and lots of cultural bang for your buck.

  1. Embrace Repositioning Cruises 

One-way cruises repositioning from winter to summer hotspots like Alaska to Hawaii or Europe often come with deeply discounted rates plus included meals.

  1. Blaze New Budget Airline Trails

Ultra low-cost airlines continue expanding routes globally to places like Vietnam, Spain, and Colombia. Scoring $99 fares to far-off lands is now possible – just pack light.  

  1. Rethink How and When You Fly

Be flexible on dates and routes, travel on cheaper weekdays, take overnight flights, and consider stopovers to dramatically lower airfare costs.

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  1. Use Money-Saving Apps

Apps like HotelTonight, Pruvo, and Skyscanner Plus track and alert you to flash deals on last-minute hotels, airport lounges, and more.

  1. Skip The Single Supplements

Singles avoid pesky solo traveler supplements by booking hostels, sharing vacation rentals, and joining group tours designed for solo guests.

  1. Let the World Be Your Airbnb

Cash in on free stays by hosting guests on Airbnb while you’re away or participating in a platform like NadaMas that arranges home swaps.

  1. Get Rewarded With The Right Travel Cards

Travel credit cards that offer free checked bags, priority boarding, lounge access, and TSA PreCheck can pay for themselves with benefits.

  1. Swap Houses the Smart Way

Services like Love Home Swap and Intervac orchestrate house swaps at a fraction of normal rental rates for entire homes worldwide.

  1. Leverage Local Transportation

Once abroad, get around on the cheap like locals by mastering public transit and snagging ride shares, avoiding pricey airport transfers and taxis.

While prices may be on the rise across the globe, savvy travelers can still take the world by storm using the right tips and tools. From embracing new budget routes and lodgings to deploying money-saving apps and rewards programs, there are always ways to indulge your wanderlust without paying through the nose. Just get creative, plan strategically, and watch those savings travel as far as you do in 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to book travel to get the lowest prices?

Generally, booking airfare 3-6 months in advance and lodging 2-4 weeks out yields the best rates. However, last-minute deals can pop up using apps.

Do points and miles really help save money on travel?

Yes, strategically earned and redeemed points/miles from travel rewards cards can provide free flights, hotel nights, and other perks offsetting major costs.

Which is cheaper for accommodation – hotels or vacation rentals?

Vacation rentals usually provide better value for longer stays, larger groups, and self-catering. But last-minute hotel app prices can beat rental rates.

Should I buy travel insurance when trying to save money?

It’s wise to purchase travel insurance, especially for expensive or international trips. The coverage can save money if flights are delayed/canceled or medical care is needed.

Are winter months cheaper for travel?

In most cases, traveling during low/shoulder seasons like fall/winter can equate to cheaper flights, lodging, attractions and fewer crowds.


In an era of sky-high travel costs and inflation, seeing the world need not come at a premium. Using tools and insider tips has become essential to enjoy enriching journeys while shielding your savings from excessive splurging. 

By being flexible on timing and destinations, embracing affordable alternatives like repositioning cruises, house swaps, and budget airlines, and leveraging money-saving apps and rewards, even the most budget-conscious travelers can continue checking dream trips off their bucket lists. Score that $99 flight or home exchange in an up-and-coming gem. Join a group tour and leave single supplements behind. Deploy that credit card’s perks like a travel pro. 

The opportunities to travel better, cheaper and smarter are plentiful in 2024 and beyond. All it takes is some savvy planning, flexibility, and willingness to embrace new cost-cutting strategies rather than defaulting to pricey mainstream options. Get clever on timing, routing, accommodation styles, and how you pay, and watch the savings unlock possibilities stretching from close-to-home road trips to exotic international adventures at a fraction of the going rates.

By putting the advice and time-tested hacks from frequent globetrotters into practice, world exploration becomes exhilaratingly accessible rather than prohibitively expensive. Yes, the costs may be rising. But with a bit of preparation and openness to new tactics, your own travel dreams need not be grounded even in economically turbulent times. Simply get resourceful like a true pro, and watch your money take flight to international horizons just as you do in 2024.

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