The Violet: A Must-Visit Local Cafe in Charlottetown, PEI



Nestled amongst the brick buildings of downtown Charlottetown, a bright purple storefront stands out from the crowd. The Violet is a cozy little cafe that has quickly become a favorite spot among locals and visitors alike. With its charming interior, delicious food and drink menus, and exceptional service, it’s easy to see why The Violet is considered a can’t-miss Charlottetown experience.

Stepping inside The Violet, customers are immediately embraced by the warmth of the space. The walls are painted a soft lavender color, with rustic wooden tables and accents throughout. Plants hang in the windows, soaking up the sunlight. Lit candles and twinkling lights add to the ambiance. The smell of fresh pastries and coffee envelops you.

The cafe’s food menu focuses on healthy, locally sourced ingredients. Breakfast items include fluffy lemon ricotta pancakes, steel-cut oatmeal topped with PEI berries, and crepes filled with whipped cheesecake and blueberry compote. Lunch highlights fresh PEI mussels in white wine broth, seared salmon salad with dill dressing, and the signature Violet sandwich with hummus, sprouts, goat cheese, and beets on sourdough.

Of course, no cafe visit is complete without something sweet. The Violet offers a rotating selection of homemade pies, tarts, cookies, and other baked goods. Guests can also choose from a variety of hot and iced coffee drinks, espresso-based beverages, teas, smoothies, and fresh-pressed juices. 

The cozy atmosphere makes The Violet a perfect spot for getting cozy with a book, catching up with a friend, or getting some work done on your laptop. Free wifi is available. Special evening events include live music nights, poetry readings, and craft workshops. 

Staff at The Violet are knowledgeable about the menu and provide excellent customer service in a warm, inviting way. Many regulars stop in daily for their favorite drinks and friendly conversations with the baristas. 

From its delicious offerings to its cozy ambiance, it’s clear why The Violet has become a fixture in the Charlottetown community. For a uniquely local, quintessentially PEI cafe experience, be sure to visit this charming purple gem. You’ll likely find yourself returning again and again.

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The Story Behind The Violet

The Violet was opened in 2019 by sisters Violet and Iris Blackwell, both Charlottetown natives. The sisters shared a dream of opening a community-oriented cafe that would be a welcoming space for people from all walks of life. 

The name The Violet was chosen as a nod to Violet, who has always loved the color purple and wanted to incorporate her name into the business. The lavender colors and floral accents reflect her personality and aesthetics. 

Violet and Iris focused on hiring locals, sourcing ingredients from nearby farms and purveyors, and getting to know their regular customers on a first-name basis. Building community was a priority.

Within months, The Violet became a thriving neighborhood fixture, known for its camaraderie and scrumptious baked goods. Lifelong friendships have been formed within its purple walls. 

When the pandemic hit, The Violet struggled but managed to stay afloat with the staunch support of the local community. Loyal customers kept ordering takeout coffees, sandwiches and sweets to sustain the business. 

Now fully reopened, The Violet continues to be a haven for Charlottetown residents and tourists alike. More than a cafe, it has become a second home – a place where you walk in and immediately feel accepted, and embraced in all your uniqueness. 

The Violet has certainly made its mark in Charlottetown. No doubt the Blackwell sisters have achieved their vision: creating not just a cafe, but a space for connection. That’s what makes The Violet so special.

The Violet’s Future Plans

Looking ahead, Violet and Iris Blackwell have exciting plans to expand and enhance The Violet even further. 

First on the horizon is a renovation to open up and modernize the cafe’s interior layout. The new design will add more seats, allow for better flow between the counter and seating areas, and incorporate local art on the walls. More accessible tables will also be added to improve the experience for customers with disabilities.

The sisters also hope to extend operating hours. Once open later into the evenings, The Violet can become a dinner destination, offering a rotating seasonal menu of soups, salads, flatbreads and other fresh fare. Cocktails and craft beers from local breweries may be added as well.

Longer term, Violet and Iris envision franchising The Violet across PEI. Potential future locations may include Cavendish, Summerside and other towns. However, the sisters emphasize that any expansion will stay true to the community-first ethos that defines The Violet experience.

Of course, new menu items will continue to appear seasonally. Some possibilities the Blackwells are exploring include house-made gelato, build-your-own granola bowls, and more gluten-free and vegan options.

While big changes are in store, the essence of The Violet will remain the same. Violet and Iris are committed to sustaining the atmosphere of belonging, comfort and human connection that makes this cafe so cherished. In times of both struggle and renewal, The Violet will continue blooming as an icon of Charlottetown.

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Key Things to Know About The Violet

  • Charming, cozy cafe located in downtown Charlottetown, PEI
  • Known for its warm, welcoming atmosphere and community vibe
  • Menu features locally-sourced breakfast, lunch, baked goods, coffee and espresso drinks
  • Owned and operated by sisters Violet and Iris Blackwell since 2019
  • Renovations and expanded evening hours planned for the future 
  • Committed to sourcing local, employing locals, and operating sustainably
  • Ideal for getting work done, hanging out or hosting a casual gathring
  • The welcoming vibe where all customers feel accepted 
  • Part of the fabric of Charlottetown’s close-knit community
  • Regularly hosts events like live music, poetry, open mics, etc.
  • Follow on social media for the latest news, events, menu offerings
  • Gluten-free, vegan and allergy-friendly options available
  • Free WiFi access for customers
  • Takeout and delivery available through online ordering
  • Recipient of “Best Cafe” awards and positive customer reviews
  • Captures the warmth and charm of small town PEI life
  • A must-visit destination for both tourists and locals alike

Frequently Asked Questions About The Violet

Here are some frequently asked questions about The Violet Cafe:

Where is The Violet located?

The Violet is located at 123 Main Street in the heart of downtown Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. 

What are The Violet’s hours?

The cafe is open weekdays from 7am to 5pm, and weekends from 8am to 3pm. Closed on major holidays.

Does The Violet offer WiFi and seating for work?

Yes! Free high-speed WiFi is available for customers. There is ample seating and counter space for working on laptops and devices. The cafe even has some standing desks.

What food and drinks does The Violet serve?

The menu features breakfast items, sandwiches, salads, baked goods, pies, coffee, espresso drinks, tea, smoothies, and juices. Local and seasonal ingredients are highlighted.

Can I host a special event at The Violet

The Violet offers space for private events like birthday parties, baby showers, book clubs, and more. Reach out to discuss event catering and pricing.

Is The Violet accessible for customers with disabilities?

Yes, The Violet meets all accessibility standards. Staff receives accessibility training and can assist with any requests.

Does The Violet have vegan, gluten-free or allergy-friendly options? 

Many menu items can be modified to accommodate dietary restrictions. Please ask a staff member for allergen information.

How can I contact The Violet?

Reach the cafe at 123-456-7890 or email Be sure to also follow on Facebook and Instagram for news and updates!


The Violet has certainly made its mark as a beloved local gem in the heart of Charlottetown. Its charm and character are reflective of the close-knit PEI community that it serves. For tourists and locals alike, a visit to The Violet offers delicious food and drink in a warm, welcoming setting. Get to know the story behind this cozy cafe, and see for yourself why it’s considered a quintessential Charlottetown experience. The Violet continues to bloom as a space for comfort, connection and togetherness in both good times and bad. So next time you’re downtown, duck into this little purple oasis for a taste of island hospitality at its finest.

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