Quirky Roadside Attractions to Add to Your Next Road Trip



Road trips are not just about reaching your destination but also about the memorable stops along the way. Adding quirky roadside attractions to your itinerary can turn a regular journey into an adventure filled with charm, humor, and unexpected discoveries. Here are some must-see quirky roadside attractions across different regions of the world:

1. Cadillac Ranch – Amarillo, Texas, USA

Why Visit: A surreal art installation featuring ten Cadillacs buried nose-first in the ground, covered in graffiti that visitors are encouraged to contribute to.

Highlights: Bring spray paint to leave your mark on the cars, take colorful photos against the Texas sky, and enjoy the playful spirit of this iconic roadside stop.

2. Giant Rubber Duck – Various Locations, Worldwide

Why Visit: A whimsical giant rubber duck sculpture that travels to different cities and waterfronts around the world, spreading joy and curiosity.

Highlights: Check online for the duck’s current location, snap fun photos with the oversized sculpture, and join locals and tourists in celebrating its visit.

 3. The Shoe Fence – New Zealand

Why Visit: A fence adorned with hundreds of pairs of shoes left by visitors, creating a unique and ever-changing roadside spectacle.

Highlights: Contribute your own shoes to the collection, explore the eclectic mix of footwear, and ponder the stories behind this unusual display.

 4. The Enchanted Highway – North Dakota, USA

Why Visit: A stretch of highway featuring several larger-than-life metal sculptures created by local artist Gary Greff, depicting themes from wildlife to pioneer history.

Highlights: Drive along the highway to view sculptures like “Geese in Flight” and “Teddy Roosevelt Rides Again,” marvel at the craftsmanship, and enjoy the scenic North Dakota landscape.

5. Dog Bark Park Inn – Cottonwood, Idaho, USA

Why Visit: A bed-and-breakfast shaped like a giant beagle, known as the world’s biggest beagle, offering a quirky overnight stay.

Highlights: Stay overnight in the cozy dog-shaped inn, explore the surrounding art studio and gift shop, and enjoy the unique experience of sleeping inside a giant dog.

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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Quirky Roadside Attractions

1. How do you find quirky roadside attractions?

You can discover quirky roadside attractions by researching online travel guides, road trip blogs, and apps dedicated to unusual sights. Local tourism websites and social media can also provide insights into hidden gems along your route.

2. Are quirky roadside attractions family-friendly?

Yes, many quirky roadside attractions are family-friendly and cater to all ages. However, it’s always advisable to check ahead for any specific restrictions or considerations, especially if visiting with young children or elderly family members.

3. Can you visit quirky roadside attractions for free?

Many quirky roadside attractions are free to visit or have minimal entry fees. Some may request donations or offer optional guided tours or souvenir opportunities. Check ahead to confirm pricing and any special requirements.

4. How can I include quirky roadside attractions in my road trip itinerary?

To include quirky roadside attractions in your road trip itinerary, research their locations along your route, estimate travel times between stops, and allocate enough time for exploring and enjoying each attraction. Flexibility in your schedule allows for spontaneous stops and unexpected discoveries.

 5. What should I pack for a road trip that includes quirky roadside attractions?

Pack essentials such as a camera or smartphone for photos, comfortable clothing and footwear for walking, snacks and water for refreshments, sunscreen, and any specific items needed for contributing to or interacting with attractions like Cadillac Ranch’s graffiti.


Adding quirky roadside attractions to your next road trip itinerary adds a sense of fun, curiosity, and adventure to your journey. Whether you’re admiring oversized sculptures, contributing to a unique art installation, or staying in a whimsical themed accommodation, these stops create lasting memories and enjoyable experiences along the road. Embrace the spirit of exploration, discover hidden gems, and make the most of your travels by incorporating these charming and unconventional sights into your road trip adventure. Plan your route, pack your sense of wonder, and set off to uncover the world’s most intriguing roadside attractions.

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